Berean Associates aims to aid and assist parties to settle their disputes and liabilities with Clients, Business Partners, Banks and FI’s for effective settlement or revival. Berean Associates takes the initiative of negotiations and settlement conferences, which helps the disputants, lenders as well as the borrowers to settle at the best available options, without venturing into litigation.

The advantage of negotiation or settlement conference is that an experienced negotiator, a neutral makes effort to reach a mutually acceptable negotiated settlement, in an informal and non-adversarial process, which has the objective of helping the disputing parties reach a mutually acceptable and voluntary agreement.

None of the parties or the negotiator has the power or authority to force the parties to accept a settlement. Another advantage is that on effective negotiation, if a settlement agreement is made and signed by the parties, it becomes a deemed decree and the same can be executed directly, if defaulted by a party, without any further adjudication or litigation. This saves time and money of both parties. Berean Associates  also helps to serve as “Deal-Negotiation” or Deal-Mediation” for effective deal making in business and corporate ventures. Accredited Neutrals will act as third-party negotiators or mediators to finalize the most effective deal for the parties.

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